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Provide clients with accurate, timely, and affordable pavement information through sophisticated, automated analysis of ground penetrating radar (GPR) signals collected using innovative GPR hardware.
Electronic Pavement and Infrastructure Charting, Inc., (EPIC) was established as a Texas corporation on 21 April 2004 to bring Hyper Optics technology to the marketplace. The trademark name Hyper Optics was selected to illustrate how far EPIC's technology departs from traditional uses of GPR.

While the EPIC entity is relatively new, the technology has been under development and used by EPIC's founders for several years. Key events in the evolution of the technology include:

  • 1995 Patent granted on the Pavement Composition Analysis (PCA) process
  • 2000 Hyper Optics Van 1 (HO1) starts operation
  • 2002 Founders secure variance from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate 4 units.
  • 2003 Hyper Optics Van 2 (HO2) starts operation
  • 2003 HO1 moved to Florida for PCA projects
  • 2003 Copyright granted for the Pavement Voids Analysis (PVA) software
  • 2004 EPIC formed
  • 2005 EPIC introduced during the January 2005 Transportation Research Board (TRB) meeting.