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Commonly Asked Questions

What is Hyper Optics Pavement Composition Analysis (PCA)?

The PCA system, patented in 1995, provides clients with timely, accurate and easily understood information about their pavement systems. The process derives this information using an advanced and proprietary form of air-launched ground penetrating radar known as Hyper Optics.
In what ways does Hyper Optics PCA provide superior pavement management data?
  1. Presented on CD format, HO provides a full lane width (12 feet) scan of the continuous pavement system gathered at normal highway speeds.
  2. The HO system accurately analyzes and displays multiple characteristics for:
    a) Flexible pavement: Asphalt content, density, percentage of air, voids in the mineral aggregate.
    b) Rigid pavement: Evaporable water content, density, percentage of air, porosity.
    c) Base course and soils: Water content, density, percentage of air, porosity.
  3. Technician interpretation of "squiggly" lines is eliminated and replaced by direct signal generated mathematical analysis.
  4. Hyper Optics antennas are engineered to minimize the signal noise which masks the needed data.
What does the client receive?
  1. A color-coded map of each element of the pavement composition and layer thickness (including numerical values) covering the full lane width and the entire project length.
  2. On-screen, continuous GPS coordinates and micro-odometer distance measurements. The client can easily select any pavement section for review.
  3. Results within 24 hours after receipt of the laboratory data on the calibration and verification cores.