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Pavement Composition Analysis

Pavement Voids

Capabilities Brouchure (PDF)

PCA Comparison Chart

    Coring/Laboratory Analysis     EPIC Hyper Optics Solution
  • Extraction of Dozens of Cores (Exact Number Depends on The Governing Agency)
  • Extensive Disruption to Traffic Flow
  • Discrete Sampling (Pavement Characterized By Cores Taken at Random Locations)
  • Considerable Laboratory Expense
  • Slow Data Turnaround Time
  • Data Presentation Laboratory Reports
  • Extraction of a Calibration Core and a Verification Core Every 4 miles
  • Limited Disruption to Traffic Flow
  • Complete Sampling (Pavement Characterized By Analyzing Hyper Optics Signals Throughout The Pavement System)
  • Minimal Laboratory Expense
  • Rapid Data Turnaround Time
  • Data Presentation
    • Color Coded Map of Each Element of The Pavement Composition and Layer Thickness
    • On Screen, Continuous GPS Coordinates and Micro Odometer Distance Measurements