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Pavement Composition Analysis

Pavement Voids

Technical Approach

Capabilities Brouchure (PDF)

Pavement Composition Analysis (PCA) is a service provided by EPIC, Inc. designed to calculate material properties using only two cores for calibration and verification of the area scanned. This service is accomplished at highway speeds, at continuous full lane widths and scanning up to a foot below the surface. Upon completion of the scanning, the three-dimensional data is recorded on a CD format.

  • Roadway Maintenance Project site selection, budgeting, and repair schedules are all improved using PCA information.
  • New Construction Projects benefit greatly from this technology service by providing fast, accurate quality assurance for project managers.

To correctly calibrate Hyper Optics PCA for optimum accuracy, two core samples are required. Each is sent for lab analysis to determine the volumetric concentrations of the target roadway. Core 1 establishes the desired limit references and Core 2 is used to verify test results.

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